Attribute Analytics™
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Attribute Analytics™

Subscribe to our data collection now to unlock the DNA of top-selling CPG food and beverage products.


Make Marketing Moves and Sales Strategies

Attribute Analytics™ allows subscribers to access the white space in any product category and gain visibility to the competitive landscape. With access to our data set, you’ll quickly understand the key traits of top-selling products and unlock the strategic moves that sales and trend data alone can’t provide. Get objective, empirical data for sure success with both consumers and customers.

Innovate with Speed and Confidence

Whether you oversee quality, develop or purchase ingredients or finished goods for a grocery retailer or CPG manufacturer, Attribute Analytics™ data results will help with decision making for improved concepts and formulations. Data owners have a roadmap to develop or buy smarter and proprietary food and beverage products. Our data set helps maintain consistency and excellence standards for your products.

Spread Some Sparkle On Your Ingredients

Move your ingredient portfolio from a basic commodity list to a compelling compilation by setting your products apart from your competition. Subscribe to Attribute Analytics™ and find the key features that truly differentiate your ingredient products from your challengers.

Unveiling the DNA of CPG Finished Goods

With granular insights into appearance, texture and taste, Attribute Analytics allows any size company to understand the often hidden hallmarks of the most successful CPG products. Subscribe to our subscription profiles today and begin to speak the language of taste.